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Embark on a Coffee Tour

Discover the World, One Cup at a Time

Our Coffee Tours invite you on a journey to the heart of the world's most esteemed coffee-growing regions. Each meticulously curated excursion is an ode to the rich tapestry of coffee culture and the diverse landscapes that nurture these beans to perfection. Choose your adventure from Latin America, Africa, or embark on a Global tour, and savor the distinct flavors and stories each region has to offer.

Latin America: A Symphony of Aromas

  • Description: Dive into the vibrant spirit of Latin America with our selection of coffees that sing with notes of chocolate, nuts, and subtle hints of fruit. From the volcanic highlands of Guatemala to the lush forests of Colombia, each 8 oz bag in this trio captures the essence of its land, offering a cup that's as lively and dynamic as the region itself.

Africa: The Cradle of Coffee

  • Description: Journey to the birthplace of coffee with our African excursion. This collection features coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya, and beyond, each 8 oz bag bursting with floral aromas, bright citrus notes, and a complexity that honors Africa's rich coffee heritage. Experience the tradition and innovation that makes African coffee truly unique.

Global: A World of Flavor

  • Description: For those with a wanderlust for taste, our Global excursion offers a passport to the world's coffee. This adventurous selection includes three 8 oz bags from distinct regions around the globe, showcasing the variety and depth of flavors that coffee can offer. From the smooth, balanced notes of Asia to the bold, rich textures of South America, each cup is a discovery.

What's Included:

  • Three 8 oz bags of freshly roasted coffee from the selected region.
  • Tasting notes and brewing tips to enhance your experience.
  • Stories of the farms and farmers, connecting you with the journey from bean to cup.

Why Choose Our Coffee Tours?

  • Curated Selections: Each coffee is handpicked by our experts to represent the best of its region.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: We roast our beans in small batches to ensure every cup is as fresh as possible.
  • Sustainable Impact: We partner with farms that prioritize sustainability and fair practices, so your enjoyment supports the well-being of coffee communities.

Embark on a Coffee Tour with us and transform your coffee routine into a global adventure. Taste the mundo, one cup at a time, and discover the endless possibilities that lie in a single bean.


  • $50.00

    Latin America Tour - Whole Beans

    Take a multi-city tour to Latin America with three 8 oz bags of our finest selections of fresh roasted whole beans from that region. Coffees may in...

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