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Why No Espresso??

 We are a non-European coffee establishment meaning we do not serve traditional Italian style, espresso based drinks. The espresso machine was not invented until the late 1800's as a way to make coffee faster, often at the expense of taste and flavor. Coffee has been around way longer than that and we want to pay homage to those who labor for years to put so much care into every single hand-picked berry. When traveling to visit many coffee farms in central America, there was not an espresso machine in sight. Everyone around knew how much work and effort went into producing each cup so there was an atmosphere of appreciation and cultural fulfillment with every sip. We want to honor the history and enjoy coffee the way it was intended to be, without all of those unnatural ingredients or fancy processes, just pure water and some amazing coffee. This why we established direct relationships with single estate farmers around the world to bring the highest quality of naturally grown coffee the world has to offer. 

Myth 1: Espresso is a type of roast.

False. True Italian espresso is made with minimum of 2 arabica and one robusta to give it that true taste. Yes the beans typically are dark roasted to enhance the smokiness of the flavor however it is not what defines true espresso. 

Myth 2: Espresso has more caffeine than regular coffee

False. Espresso is a condensed version of a cup of coffee like a concentrate. They both use about 8 grams of coffee grounds to produce but use different brewing processes yielding different water ratios.

Myth 3: Single origins cannot be used for espresso

False. Although not every single origin produces a good espresso, there are single origins that create good creama, body, and acidity. We recommend our Nicaragua or Guatemala dark roast for an amazing single origin espresso.