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Nicaragua Caturra


Nicaraguan caturra coffee is a high-quality Arabica coffee grown in Nicaragua. It is named after the caturra variety of the Arabica coffee plant, which is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. Caturra coffee plants are smaller in size and produce a higher yield than other varieties, which makes them popular among coffee growers.

Nicaraguan caturra coffee is known for its bright acidity and medium body, which makes for a well-balanced cup of coffee. The flavor profile of Nicaraguan caturra coffee can vary depending on the region where it is grown, but it typically features notes of chocolate, caramel, and citrus. The coffee has a pleasant aroma and a clean finish.

Overall, Nicaraguan caturra coffee is a smooth and flavorful coffee that is highly regarded among coffee connoisseurs. Its complex flavor profile and balanced acidity make it a great choice for a wide range of brewing methods, including drip coffee, pour-over, and espresso.