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Best Coffee Gift of 2019

Best Coffee Gift of 2019

I've been a coffee connoisseur for many years now. I've traveled to coffee farms around the world, studied roasting from experts in Turkey, and have run a successful coffee business for 6 months now. I am always on the search for the next best products to enjoy my coffee while also being eco-friendly. I am always on the go and some days I prefer a hot coffee and others I need something a little stronger and prefer a cold brew. After attending many coffee fests and trade shows to find the next best item, I can truly say this Zero-Waste Travel Press has taken home first place. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should get this for every coffee lover on your list. 

1. Affordability - This item only cost $49.99 with shipping and comes with a premium single origin roasted to your liking. 

2. Zero-waste - I don't like having to use mulitple cups or brewing devices when I don't have much time in the mornings. This device is perfect as no other cups or drinkware is needed. 

3. For Hot AND Cold - Many french press devices say you can use for both types but this TruBru system prevents your coffee from over brewing by stoping the grinds from reentering the water. This prevents the coffee flavor from getting so dark and strong near the end. 

4. Double walled and ultra insulated - keeps your beverage hot or cold for many hours.

5. Easy to clean - The design allows for each part to be unscrewed and cleaned. No hassle at all.