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Coffee Q&A

What roast should I get? 

Light: Best for American cold brew and Turkish kahve style coffee. Higher caffeine, sweeter taste, more acidic and not as bold. 

Medium: Best for American drip style and French press style. Perfect balance of acidity and boldness. Less acidic but still has plenty of caffeine to keep you going. 

Dark: Best for Italian espresso style, very bold and strong tasting. 

What grind do I need? 

Whole Bean: Best for those who want the freshest taste you can get. Only grind as you use and your coffee experience will be changed forever. 

Coarse: Best for preparing cold brews or using a French press or peculator. 

Medium: Best for using a drip brewer or pour over system. 

Fine: Best for preparing Turkish kahve or using an espresso machine. 

How long does coffee stay fresh? 

We recommend using your coffee within 90 days of your purchase. Of course you can still drink it after that and most companies will still sell you coffee that is up to 6 months old. Yikes!