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Our 100% Dairy Free Mission

As a black and Afro-Latino founder, I wanted to create a menu designed for people of color in my community. For many who do not know, cows originated in parts of Europe and India and play crucial roles in both European and South Asian culture throughout history and still do to this day. Their bodies have had the time to evolve and adapt to be able to digest the larger sugars called lactose, which makes up around 2-8% of milk. We as blacks and latinos have only had a few hundred years of exposure to cows and even fewer years adopting it into our diets so we still have a very difficult time digesting those larger cow sugar molecules. Who says our bodies were even made to digest it?

This is why we created a 100% dairy free menu for our community here in South Central Los Angeles. We want everyone to be able to walk in and enjoy any item from our menu. Stop by today to try one of our House Specialty cold brews.